Hand Poured Soy Wax Candles by Black Candle Company of Northumberland

A big thank you for your continued support and for keeping us busy with what should be a quiet period at Black candle company of Northumberland. We will be taking a break at the start of August (2nd -16th) and we will complete any orders on return. Thank you!

The company was born in September 2018 of our desire to create elegant candles with fine quality materials, hand crafted to perfection. Using soy wax, a vegetable based wax, alongside natural and fragranced oils, we have developed a range of candles to suit all ages. These candles produce a cleaner burn and exude a stronger, long lasting scent than other wax candles. Black candle company of Northumberland are proud to create authentic candles and diffusers that will enhance your home. 






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